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Don’t Call a Recruiter for Your Spouse

This post about having a spouse call instead of yourself for a position will be short. The thought to write about this subject came up the other day when I got an unusual two requests, within an hour, from people calling on behalf of their better halves looking for work. If the person is too lazy or busy to pick up the phone for themselves to speak to recruiters, then I am certainly not interested in this person as a candidate for one of my executive searches. I honestly am amazed at the audacity of some people to have someone else call on your behalf.

I recruit here at Clark Executive Search for the life sciences so the most typical call is from the husband or wife of a MD or PhD candidate. They will tell me, “my (fill in blank) is so busy I am calling recruiters on his/her behalf. He/she is just great by the way”. Occasionally I will get a mother or father calling on behalf of their kids. I think this parent must be desperate to get the child out of the house or they simply have a controlling personality. Either way I rather feel sorry for the child.

Now as an executive recruiter we become attuned to quickly qualifying candidates simply by a phone screen. If I can’t listen to the way a person speaks and what ideas they have about their career goals, then how can I judge whether he or she is a good candidate for me to represent? It is similar to trying to figure out if a candidate is qualified just by looking at a resume or CV. It can’t be done. A recruiter needs to spend time with a candidate over many conversations to ascertain if they are worth the effort and credibility of the search firm to forward the person’s CV as a potential candidate to an interested client.

So next time you think it is a good idea to have a spouse call a recruiter on behalf of yourself, think again. Luckily these types of calls happen rarely as most people recognize you have to put in effort to succeed in this world.

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