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No Recent Posts on Life Science Recruiting? Here’s why.

I recently got an email from a candidate who liked my blog and wanted my help with finding a new job. He also commented that since there were no new posts on my website blog for many months, he thought perhaps I had gone out of business. Now that got my attention. I never thought my lack of updating my site would be construed as my executive search firm closing its doors. Frankly, I didn’t think anyone would notice my lack of updated posts. But the email woke me up and I decided I better do something about this immediately and hence this quick post now:

Why did I stop writing posts? There were several reasons:

1. I have been busy doing my job recruiting top scientists and doctors for biotech and pharma companies. A solo operation, like mine, can only do so much at one time and keeping my clients and candidates happy comes way before writing a blog post.

2. And I have reached a point in my life where I don’t want to work 24/7. After a good day in the office recruiting, I go home. I guess I could have stayed late or worked weekends writing, but I have a busy life besides my executive search firm. I established my firm in 1997 and have put countless hours into the business. A little time off feels good. The only thing I thought I could reasonably give up was writing blog posts. Guess I was wrong.

3. I grew tired of the constant need to publish in order to make Google happy and keep my site ranked high.

4. Speaking of Google: There recently were dire warnings that if a web site wasn’t mobile friendly, Google would penalize sites and ranking could go down. So I had to spend quite a bit of my time figuring out a way to easily and affordably fix my web site to appease the Google Gods. Again, I am a one person recruiting shop and I don’t have an IT department to handle this kind of technology change. Oh and my back up hard drive died and I had to replace that. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work (see post I wrote) that takes time away from writing posts.

5. I got lazy and complacent. Sorry.

6. Lastly, I simply didn’t have anything new to add to the already 100 posts I had written. I refused to write just for the sake of writing. Maybe I had writer’s block? Who knows?

However, I recently read something about recruiting that boiled my blood and I am in the process of writing a post now and will have it up in a few days. So stay tuned. It is good to be back!